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Stay up-to-date with deadlines so you and your VEA can plan accordingly.
Contacts List
Want your VEA to contact your old classmate? Organize your contacts and their info here.
Vendors List
Wonder who your building management is or who fixed your washer 5 years ago? We have the info handy.
Subscriptions List
Know where your money is going and what services/products you’re paying for. Remove unnecessary expenses.
Manage Employees
Want your VEA to assist your employees? Onboard them here.
Track your projects here, from start to finish.
Task Lists
Don’t know where to start on your to-do list? Hand it over to your VEA.
Note Taking
Your hands are tied? Your VEA can take notes for you.
Access your documents at any place, any time.
Team bonding? Company Events? Store your photos here.
Community Forum
Coming soon.
We love referrals! Spread the word and you and your referral will both get a discount (applicable to part-time and full-time plans only).