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Email Management

Schedule Meetings

Calendar Management

Data Entry

Travel Arrangements


Expenses & Reports


A/R and A/P

Event Planning

Purchase Orders

Make Reservations


Time Saving

Coverage outside of business hours

Combined 10+ years of experience

Tech Savy

Reliable Support

Bilingual (multilingual soon)

Flexibility Pricing


Long-lasting work relationship


  • Intelligent
    Our VEA's are based in the U.S., college educated, and have many years of EA experience supporting C-level Executives. We are resourceful, we think outside the box, and always plan 3 steps ahead.
  • Innovative
    Our admin dashboard has many great features that help Executives and EAs organize and manage all your administrative needs.
  • Interpersonal
    We pride ourselves in the quality of our work. This is our passion and we care about building a long-lasting, trusting work relationship with our Executives. You're not a robot, you wouldn't want a robot to represent you when you're trying to build relationships with your clients or investors.




  • you are on vacation and want someone to manage your inbox and do follow-ups while you’re away.
  • you are sick but still need to get the work done.
  • you are overloaded with work and need a helping hand. You don’t need full-time help but can appreciate assistance on-demand when things get busy.
  • you are not sure how to tackle on a task/project. We have many resources that can help you, and if we are unable to help you ourselves, we will help you find the right resources. You are not alone.
  • you never had an assistant before and like to do things hands-on. It’s great that you can handle tasks on your own, until work piles up and it gets harder to find time to do everything. Let us be your right-hand person.
  • you have an assistant but he/she is out of the office. We can step in to make sure nothing falls through the cracks while he/she is gone.
  • you no longer have an assistant. It takes time finding an awesome full-time assistant. We can fill in the gap during this transition while you search for a replacement.
  • you are always in meetings or constantly traveling. We can help keep an eye on your inbox and let you know when an important email comes in. In business, time is of the essence.
  • you are still filing your own expense report or booking your own travel. Delegate menial tasks to us so you can focus your time on high-level projects.

Did we mention we work really fast and efficient? With our resources and processes in place , we can do more work in less time. Result? Saving you time AND money.

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